What Type Of Indonesian Visa Do I Would Like?

What type of Indonesian Social Visa Bali Extension you require depends upon the character of your trip.

If you're going for a fast vacation break, then a Visa On Arrival (VOA) is the one for you, whereas if you are planning on studying, have a work-related enterprise journey or need to relocate permanently, you will need to plan your visa before booking your airplane ticket.

Below is a breakdown of the different types of Indonesian visas on offer and what they require from your candy self.

Visa On Arrival (VOA)

When you have your heart set on a comparatively short Balinese getaway, stuffed with breathtaking beaches, unique wildlife and unique tradition, then a 30-day single entry VOA is for you.

The ever-well-liked VOA is available to over 60 nationalities and doesn’t require you to run round before your journey coping with pesky paperwork.

There are usually no points getting a VOA, aside from having to queue up to get one after a long flight when all you want to do is throw your bags down and get to the beach. There are a number of necessities to bear in mind, nonetheless, with a view to be certain that your journey by customs is a fuss-free one.

Be sure that your passport is legitimate for one more six months – minimum.
Have your immigration/arrival card filled out and ready to go.
Have a print out of your confirmed flight overseas handy. You hardly ever get requested for it, but it’s good to have one on hand just in case, as the more time you spend with airport customs, the less time it's important to get your holiday on.
You have to to front up US$35 throughout processing to enter the country. Yes, it was US$25, however things change. Having the best change in USD, AUD or EUR dollars will prove to be essentially the most efficient option for you. If you require plenty of change it is going to be handed to you in IDR.
If you're sporting a derelict chic get-up or working a particularly scruffy look, it’s not unheard of to be asked for a replica of a bank statement or something that proves you'll be able to actually afford your holiday. To avoid this, do your self a favour and run a comb through your hair, wear some footwear and make your self look semi-presentable for the nice customs officials. Or, if nobody is intervening along with your sense of style – bring a replica of your bank statement.
A quiet word in your arrival and departure card

Let’s go back a bit and get acquainted with your essential (however fairly frankly annoying to fill out) arrival and departure card. You'll receive this official bit of cardboard while you are on the plane.

You most likely gained’t really feel like filling it out whenever you obtain it out of your smiling flight attendant.

You will most probably be a) watching a film b) enjoying a mid-flight nap c) just too irritated by flying to fill in a form. However it’s higher to do it before you land. On filling out said card you'll probably must have a rustle about in your bag in your passport details, flight details and the address of the place you can be saying in Indonesia (you don’t have to go overboard with the location, a hotel name and metropolis is sufficient).

Conserving these details written down and accessible will be simpler than having to get up off your uncomfortable aircraft seat and crawl over strangers to get to your overhead luggage. Filling it out while on the airplane also means you may profit from the conveniently placed fold-down tray connected to the seat in front of you, reasonably than using your cocked up knee or buddies bent back whilst within the customs queue.