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RaceIQ Engineering Takes on the Ultimate Driving Machine

BMW Ultimate VIP Event


March 25, 2015, Hampton, GA 30228 - RaceIQ Engineering Founder and President, James T. Jones, along with two other company officers attended the BMW Ultimate VIP driving event. RaceIQ attended the event to learn more about the BMW lines and to build closer relationships with the BMW group and community. 

The event featured BMW M Series, along with series 6 and 7 models made available for self-guided street drives. In addition, several M series models were offered for trial on closed Autocross tracks with BMW professional instructors.

During the event, Mr. Jones and his team reviewed vehicle performance, stylization, and customer responses to each model. Additional contact with Kevin Williams, Marketing Director for BMW North America has opened the door of opportunity for continued partnership discussions. “Being onsite to support client product presentation is one of the many services RaceIQ brings to the table”, stated Mr. Jones. “We are not the type of company that sits behind our desks or workshops analyzing reports. Instead we put ourselves in the middle of the action, creating opportunities to interact with driving enthusiasts to learn more about what elements of driving elicit the greatest levels of excitement.”

The evening was a huge success with over 100 VIP invitees in attendance, many of whom have placed orders for the new models. The event was completed with a unique culinary demonstration featuring celebrity chef Roblé Ali of Roblé & Co. 

About RaceIQ Engineering

RaceIQ, an innovative automotive technology provider launched in 2014, is putting driver passion and excitement back into hybrid electric (HEV) & alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) by enhancing vehicle performance and enriching the driver experience through exclusive vehicle software and hardware upgrades. Offerings include: OEM vehicle software enrichments to optimize engine fuel efficiency, power, and torque; onboard software adjustments providing digitally integrated engine acoustics and increased throttle; and exclusive product designs to enhance aerodynamics, suspension, and wheel style.  For more information, contact RaceIQ Engineering at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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