RaceIQ Divisions - Performance To the Intelligent PowerTM

RcaeIQ has been implementing performance software and hardware for years in the automotive aftermarket. We have developed a proven approach that increases horsepower and torque, while maintaining fuel efficiency without risking reliability across multiple makes and models. RaceIQ Performance helps vehicle owners plan and implement hardware components and software tunes that support consumer experience, satisfaction and appeal. Check out the site here: www.raceiqperformance.us and don’t forget to click on the Video Gallery.    

RaceIQ Cyber believes every vehicle and its data must be safe and since 2014 the firm has been working a comprehensive automotive security platform.  The firm specializes in information assurance, internal communication system monitoring and coupled with strategic partners, RaceIQ provides embedded security solutions, threat detection - mitigation, incident response and secure telematics services. RaceIQ supports automakers with a patented hardware/software solution as well as assist automakers in developing their own custom solutions.  See our landing page here: www.raceiqcyber.us and sign up to receive updates and stay informed on progress.  

RaceIQ Software division provides corporations with a variety of solutions and services including prototype development and review, code analysis and end-to-end life cycle of system analysis.  RaceIQ can tailor its custom service offerings to fit your corporations’ needs and provides the flexibility to collaborate on custom solution development and even deploy resources onsite to your facilities.    

RaceIQ is dedicated to maintaining automotive OEM brand integrity while providing enhanced design elements that support performance and vehicle appeal. RaceIQ highly skilled engineering and design teams work directly with innovation teams to assess and determine key elements to enhance in each line-up, resulting in an more appealing performance-inspired offering to the consumer.    

RaceIQ passion for performance does not stop at production vehicles. Dedicated to improving technology and education, RaceIQ is committed to supporting major motorsport events in multiple capacities around the world where research and development efforts will continue to be tested and validated.

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