Performance to the Intelligent PowerTM

The idea and technology behind RaceIQ Engineering was conceived in 2012; the privately held operating entity was established and rebranded in Atlanta, GA in 2014. 

The firm focuses on three distinct core competencies: Performance, Security, and Software Development.  The firm also provides solutions that address Design, Hardware and Analytics.

http://www.raceiq.us/iq/images/About_Content1.jpg Performance:  RaceIQ provides aftermarket performance tuning and parts.
http://www.raceiq.us/iq/images/About_Content2.jpg Security:  RaceIQ provides a comprehensive automotive cyber-security platform and embedded security software options.
http://www.raceiq.us/iq/images/About_Content3.jpg Software Development:  RaceIQ provides software development support through its Custom Services offerings.

At RaceIQ we are committed to helping enhance performance, safety and passion of every automobile for every owner.  Whether you are a car enthusiast looking to get the most out of your vehicle or you’re a multi-national corporation looking to solve some of the industries toughest challenges, RaceIQ has the experts and resources that will help you succeed. Go to our Solutions page to learn more.

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