Cyber Security

Automotive Cyber Security

RaceIQ Cyber believes every vehicle and its data must be safe and since 2014 the firm has been working a comprehensive automotive security platform. The firm specializes in information assurance, internal communication system monitoring and coupled with strategic partners, RaceIQ provides embedded security solutions, threat detection - mitigation, incident response and secure telematics services. RaceIQ supports automakers with a patented hardware/software solution as well as assist automakers in developing their own custom solutions. 

Solutions and Services – RaceIQ VCaaS

•    Real-time Monitoring of Internal Communication Systems
•    Secure over-the-air updates
•    Information Assurance
•    Anomaly Detection
•    Intrusion Notification
•    Intrusion Mitigation
•    Threat Modeling
•    Code Analysis
•    Incidence Response
•    Process Development

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