Software, Custom Services and Development

RaceIQ. Software division provides corporations with a variety of solutions and services including prototype development & review, code analysis and end-to-end life cycle of system analysis.  RaceIQ can tailor its custom service offerings to fit your corporations’ needs and provides the flexibility to collaborate on custom solution development and even deploy resources onsite to your facilities.  

Software Offerings
•    iOnSystem Defender – embedded security software for automotive infotainment systems.  Download Brochure Here

Services Offerings
•    Prototype Development and Review
•    PCB and Schematic Development and Review
•    Risk Mitigation Review
•    Compliance Assessment and Review
•    End-to-End Life Cycle of System Analysis
•    CAN Interface Review
•    Code Analysis

From smart city projects to municipality initiatives RaceIQ has the flexibility to help you develop, test and strengthen your intellectual property or create new IP.

To inquire about how RaceIQ can support your project please contact RaceIQ Engineering at +1-404-500-8994 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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