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RaceIQ at the AECF Forum

Panelists at the AECF Panelists at the AECF

On April 11, 2017, President of RaceIQ James T. Jones, had the pleasure of serving on the panel for the Atlanta e-Commerce Forum (AECF) to provide some insights around connected cars and how eCommerce will be affected. AECF is the place in Atlanta to learn about Connected Commerce. Since 1989, AECF has provided a forum for Fortune 1000 companies and other organizations to hear about the best practices and new innovations related to conducting business electronically.

According to the AECF, "Connected vehicles aren’t on the horizon anymore because they are already here. Some technologies that were once features will become expected as a standard by the consumers. As this shift is made, opportunities for revenue generation across the value chain will become present. Automotive manufacturers will see revenue-generation opportunities for this next breed of vehicle." Some of the hot topics around the discussion and concerns from the audience were privacy, security, safety, and the shared vehicle model. 

The panelists consisted of:

Rick Walker - President & CEO (Founder) of Georgia Automotive Manufacturer's Association, 

Sue Boehlke - Ground Transportation Leader of Penton, 

David Barton - Managing Director of UHY Advisors

Philip Aiello - Project Manager of UPS Corporate Automotive Engineering,

Jack Shaw - Executive Consultant and Technology Futurist &

James T. Jones - President and Founder of RaceIQ

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