4 Sexy Ways To Improve Your Driving Games

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Sony PSP has become very popular worldwide for its exciting games and extended memory cards to extend your memory. If you want you can buy Sony PSP Memory Stick PRO Duo memory cards online and the price varies widely on these so you'll really want to shop around. Sony will be coming out with the 4GB PRO Duo. The price will reportedly be around $250. The PSP Memory Stick PRO Duo is one of the very few items associated with the PSP that doesn't have to be manufactured or distributed by Sony to work. The San Disk PSP Memory Stick PRO Duo is much cheaper than Sony's and works just as well.

On downloads

It's up to you to decide if you want to collect and buy Sony PSP movies on UMD disks or download them. You'll probably find it is much cheaper to download the movies yourself, either from your DVDs or video files on your computer or downloaded straight from an online source. Although it is cheaper initially to do it this way, the expense comes with having to replenish your Memory Sticks once they fill up with the files you want to keep. Of course, you can upload files to your computer to make room for new ones but you'll still want to back up those files.

You may need to download software for the PSP in order for you to play some movies and music. There are free and pay offers all over the internet for games, movies and music but PSP Blender has all three. You can download full versions of all 3 for a one-time fee of $37. You first download the files to your PC and from there to your PSP.

This is Sony's conversion software that will convert the video and audio files on your computer to acceptable PSP formats and in turn download the converted files to your PSP. If you choose to download software for the PSP you might choose this software package. You can download Sony Media Manager for $19.95 or purchase it in a box for $29.95.


You have some choices to make regarding the transfer of your DVD movie to your PSP. Basically, these choices entail paying for the software that will take care of this transfer with just one or two clicks of the mouse or getting the software for free but having a much more detailed transfer that you will need to facilitate. Now, don't let me scare you away from the notion of trying the free ones because the ones I've seen do provide very detailed yet simple instructions.

OK look at it this way. Unless you're just petrified or you really don't want to mess with transferring your DVD movie to your PSP, you won't lose anything by trying something for free. If you don't like it or have difficulty with the transfer then you can always pay for the easier ones. In fact, whether you choose the free one or the pay utility, you can download either one to your computer. So it wouldn't hurt to download the free one and then if you didn't like it, whip out the ole credit card and buy the other one.

The PSP is a great way to have all your favorite DVD movies by your side though. Not to mention the gift you could make to someone else by presenting them with one gadget that has all their favorite movies on one place. Just think what you download movies to your PSP!

On Music

Once you learn how to download music to your PSP, you will have a virtual music library at your fingertips. You will need a lot of room on your memory sticks though. If you just keep your favorite music close to you this way it will be more than worth it. You may not want to copy every CD you have in the house as this could take up valuable space on the memory stick and become quite expensive. If you're into the gaming side of the PSP very much, you'll want to save your games with your progress too.